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Retreads will save your fleet money and provide the same safety and performance as higher price new tires well at the same time helping the environment. Retreads may look round and black but they are really very green. With one of the highest post consumer contents out of any recycled product.

Retreads help by saving hundreds of millions of gallons of oil in production and also help reduce carbon emissions and reduce landfill waste.

Retreads are used safely every day on airplanes, fire engines, ambulances, school buses, trucking fleets, taxis, military vehicles, postal service and millions of motorists every day.

Retread, is also known as “Recap,” or “remold” is a re-manufacturing process for tires that replaces the tread on worn tires. Retreading is applied to casings of spent tires that have been inspected and repaired.It preserves about 90% of the material in used tires and the material cost is around 20% compared to manufacturing a new one. “Recap” is just an old fashioned nickname for a retreaded tire.

Some applications for retreaded tires are airplanes, racing cars, buses and delivery trucks, semi trucks, tractor trailers and Agriculture vehicles. In the past it has been uncommon for passenger vehicles to use retreaded tires. However, currently it has become more common. In 2008, over 17 million passenger vehicle retreaded tires were sold in North America.

The two main processes that are used for retreading tires are Precure and Mold cure. Both of them start with the inspection of the tire, followed by the process of buffing the old tread from the casing. Retreading begins with the inspection of tires. They’re typically visually inspected followed by non-destructive inspection method such as “shearography” to locate non-visible damage and embedded nails and debris. Some casings are repaired and some are discarded. Tires can be retreaded more then once given that casing is in usable condition. Long haul tires aren’t retreaded as often as tires used for short delivery vehicles over the life of tire body. Buffing away the old tread is how Casings are prepared for retreading.

About 90% of the original tires by weight is retained in retreaded tires. The material cost for a retreaded tire is around 20% of that for making a new tire. Commercial vehicles can last up to as much as 600,000 miles if they are retreaded two to three times based on a 1997 Study.

Previously prepared tread strip is applied to tire casing with adhesives. It allows more flexibility in tire sizes and it is the most commonly used method, but results in a seam where the ends of the strip meet.

Mold cure
Raw rubber is carefully applied to the tire casing and it is placed in a mold where tread is formed. A dedicated mold is always required for each tire size and tread design.

Bead to Bead molding
In this subtype, retreading is also applied to the side walls giving. These tires are given entirely new branding and stamps.

Effingham Tire Repair Recommendation
We recommended to retread new tires to preserve their original treads and enhance the life of the tire and increase tire performance.

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